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  Auto Outlook is an independent automotive market research firm providing a comprehensive collection of market analysis services for automotive trade associations and dealers.  
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Track Vehicle Sales

Track Vehicle Sales in Area
and State Markets

Analysis focuses on area and state market results. Are area sales up or down? How do area results compare to the National market? Auto Outlook analysis provides the answers on a timely basis.

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Report on Brand Sales Performance

Report on Brand Sales Performance

Reports provide clear-cut indicators of brand sales performance. Which brands are gaining ground, and which are losing? Which brands sell better in area market than in the U.S.? We provide the answers.
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Forecasts for Area Markets

Produce Forecasts for
Area Markets

Analysis includes forecast of new vehicle sales in area and state markets. For most areas in the U.S., Auto Outlook is the only company that regularly provides sales projections.

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Evaluating Sales Performance

Assist Dealerships in Evaluating Sales Performance

Dealership analysis services help dealership organizations appraise sales results in local markets.

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Create economic impact studies

Create Economic Impact Studies for Dealership Trade Associations

Studies detail the contributions that automobile dealerships make to statewide and regional economies. Indicators include total employment, income, sales, and tax collections.

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Many companies provide analysis and commentary on automotive sales. Here's what distinguishes Auto Outlook:

• Objective and independent:
We are in business solely to interpret, analyze, and forecast vehicle sales in state, regional, and local markets and are not affiliated with any manufacturer

• Flexible: We customize our services to meet the specific needs of our customers

• Concise and understandable:
All of our services are designed to present relevant and meaningful conclusions in a clear-cut and practical format